The Caldas and Risaralda are very diverse regions, both climatically and geographically. Located in the volcanic area of the central main range (Cordillera) of Colombia between the two main rivers, this coffee has a very special aroma and flavour that is consistent and balanced. This bean is the product of a small group of farmers who are proud to give the world an unforgettable coffee.

This coffee is a peaberry which makes it even more unique. A rare occurrence in about 5% of coffee fruits where only one of the two seeds is fertilized. This results in a smaller oval bean that is considered vastly superior to normal-shaped beans. This difference, a single bean growing in a fruit instead of two, results in a more bright, complex, aromatic, and light-bodied profile.

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Tasting Notes

Sweet, Medium to Low Acidity, Floral


Variety 60% Castillo, 30% Colombia, 10% Caturra
Region Caldas and Risaralda Provinces
Harvest April – June
Altitude 1, 500 – 1, 700 metres
Soil Volcanic
Process Washed and sundried on patios

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